Upcoming Guests.

Take a gander at these tasty souls arranged in rows. It’s like we’re collecting all the people you need to meet or something.

Alexandra Woolner. Cat Valente. JG McClure.

D Scot Miller. Josh Pearce. Jay Friedenberg.

Katy Carl. Muriel Leung. Nin Andrews.

Carrot Topp. Fiona Jallings. Odds Bodkin.

Rob Velella. Tracy Chevrolet. Alondra Bobadilla.

Ainslie Caswell. Dessa Bayrock. Richard Kaczynski.

Leigh Grey. Paul Richmond. Jennifer Bussmann.

Ada Hoffmann. Debbie Rochon. Maxim Olchanyi.


Quantum physicists. Naked Bookstores. Poetry Socks. Ghosts. You don’t want to miss season one. We won’t let you. Subscribe below, we’ll eat your soul.

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