Episode 1.

Poe researchers, aliens and ghosts, youth poet laureates at large.

Rob Velella.

Edgar Allan Poe finds this podcast ‘tedious.’

Rob Velella is an independent scholar of 19th century American literature & Edgar Allan Poe.

For over ten years, Rob has also offered first-person in-character interpretations by portraying the Edgar Allan Poe & Nathaniel Hawthorne in living history programs.

Tracy Chevrolet.

Ghosts & Aliens exist, according to Tracy’s communication with them. Here’s how they fuel her lyrical work.

Tracy Chevrolet is an artist & musician with the band Ski Bunny. Live head shaves, NSFW performances, Ski Bunny’s music blends funk & rock influences into soulful, hard-driving riffs that convey an astonishing range of feelings.

Alondra Bobadilla.

In case you were feeling comfortable with what you’ve achieved in life, Boston has nominated a Youth Poet Laureate. We speak to the very first poet appointed to the title.

Alondra’s work explores grief, transition, racial disparities, and the lives of underserved, ignored segments of the western world.

Aside from her own creative work, Alondra Bobadilla works alongside Boston Poet Laureate, Porsha Olayiwola, as an advocate for poetry, language and the arts, and to create a unique artistic legacy through public readings and event.

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