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A Bi-Weekly Poetry Podcast that takes big black boots to the tidy doors of creative space.
Fiercely-independent, post-apocalyptic, the margins of society are where the good stuff is.

Who we are.

Beaming out ever two weeks from an underground bunker in Boston, The Outskirts Poetry Podcast mainlines dangerous ideas about the writing world and world we write in straight into your brain. This is not white picket fence poetry. This is not white picket fence writing.

We cover the margins: science fiction, fantasy, weird, the things you should be in on, but might not be yet.

Our specially selected guests expand the way we think about worldviews and words, they are artists that destroy the neat modular definitions of the poetic process, who create in and from courageous, tasty spaces. 

Our Host

…is Boston poet, Jake Tringali, author of Elgin-nominated, Poetry for the Neon Apocalypse, published by Transcendental Zero Press. He has also served as director & guest editor of the speculative poetry magazine, EYE TO THE TELESCOPE:THE SEX ISSUE. With a strong background in the hard sciences, he has a focus on the intersection of technology and human interaction.

Jake writes about the edges of society and brings his cyberpunk, mosh-pit, sex-positive sensibilities to every aspect of the podcast. 

Contact Jake directly with questions, comments, or interview requests at hello at outskirtspoetry dot com.

follow Jake in his poetic function @

Facebook: Jake Tringali

Twitter: @jaketthepoet

Instagram: @jake.the.poet

Behind the scenes.

Melanie Stormm is a writer and media & marketing specialist who wouldn’t know conformity if it bit her in the face.

Her drunken science-fantasy novella, Last Poet of Wyrld’s End, stumbled into the world this September through Candlemark & Gleam. She served as editor for the historic October 2020 All Black Issue of Star*Line magazine centered on Black voices in speculative poetry.

Contact her for promotional opportunities, sponsorship, or to update your artist info and links on our site.

If your kink is social-media-accounts-that-are-viciously-ignored, follow Melanie here. She ignores these so hard (but responds to messages if you’re not boring):

Twitter: @glitterstormm

Instagram: @coldwildeyes

Welcome to THE OUTSKIRTS poetry podcast.

Our main exports are badly behaved.

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